Upper Hutt Community Patrol

Reducing crime and building safer communities


What we do

Where we patrol and how

patrolling a school at night

Patrols are made up entirely of unpaid volunteers, they are not a part of the New Zealand Police, but work very closely with local police and their communities, providing additional "eyes and ears for police, together with anti crime initiatives and promotion of safer communities.

Patrollers do not get directly involved in police actions and never see themselves in any situation that is best handled by experienced police officers.

The value of a patrol is at its greatest when simply reporting incidents to the police that might prevent harm to the people and property of their community. We do this with regular vehicle patrols of the whole Upper Hutt area, concentrating on areas that are of particular concern to the police, or the community.

Often the patrols take place through the night, although we do provide daylight patrols and patrolling services at local events (large public gatherings such as parades, street fairs, fireworks and outdoor concerts, are examples of these).

The Upper Hutt Community Patrol carries equipment that allows us to secure accident scenes prior to the arrival of the appropriate emergency services, or deal with situations ourselves;  patrols are readily distinguished by their hi-viz uniforms and sign written vehicle.

Upper Hutt Community Patrol is an incorporated society.